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1 September 2017 Revision of the Soft-Winged Flower Beetle Genus Dicranolaius Champion, 1921 (Coleoptera: Melyridae: Malachiinae) from Australia
Zhenhua Liu, Adam Ślipiński, Hong Pang
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The Australian Dicranolaius fauna is revised based on 79 described species (30 of them are new). The revision is mainly based on males as they only provide good diagnostic characters for species recognition. The following new species are described: Dicranolaius acacia sp. nov., D. alice sp. nov., D. anic sp. nov., D. archer sp. nov., D. balah sp. nov., D. bogan sp. nov., D. brittoni sp. nov., D. cardaleae sp. nov., D. chinchilla sp. nov., D. confusus sp. nov., D. crypticus sp. nov., D. desertus sp. nov., D. eromanga sp. nov., D. hudsoni sp. nov., D. kildurk sp. nov., D. kimberley sp. nov., D. kinchega sp. nov., D. micrus sp. nov., D. moffatt sp. nov., D. monteithi sp. nov., D. pilbara sp. nov., D. proserpine sp. nov., D. pulleni sp. nov., D. quorn sp. nov., D. reidi sp. nov., D. rockhampton sp. nov., D. spinifex sp. nov., D. thylungra sp. nov., D. uptoni sp. nov., D. zborowskii sp. nov. The following new combinations are proposed: D. ammophilus (Lea, 1917) (Laius), comb. nov., D. distortus (Blackburn, 1888) (Laius), comb. nov., D. egenus (Lea, 1899) (Laius), comb. nov., D. eremita (Blackburn, 1895) (Laius), comb. nov., D. eyrensis (Blackburn, 1892) (Laius), comb. nov., D. guttulatus (Fairmaire, 1877) (Laius), comb. nov., D. melanoderes (Lea, 1917) (Laius), comb. nov., D. minutus (Lea, 1914) (Laius), comb. nov., D. purpureiceps (Lea, 1915) (Laius), comb. nov., D. variegatus (Blackburn, 1889) (Laius), comb. nov., D. verticalis (Macleay, 1826) (Laius), comb. nov., Intybia cavicornis (Lea, 1909) (Laius), comb. nov., Intybia hackeri (Lea) (Laius) comb. nov.; Simoderus megalops (Lea) (Laius) comb. nov. The following synonymies are proposed: D. bellulus (Boisduval, 1835) [= D. cyanocephalus (Lea, 1909); = D. intermedius (Lea, 1909); = D. nidicola (Lea, 1909); = D. orcicornis (Lea, 1909)], D. conicicornis (Blackburn, 1888) [= D. rugiceps (Lea, 1899)], D. guttulatus (Fairmaire, 1877) [= D. longus (Lea, 1929)], D. verticalis (Macleay, 1826) [ = D. tarsalis (Lea, 1909)]. The lectotypes of the following species are designated: Laius acervatus Lea, 1917; L. ammophilus Lea, 1917; <

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Zhenhua Liu, Adam Ślipiński, and Hong Pang "Revision of the Soft-Winged Flower Beetle Genus Dicranolaius Champion, 1921 (Coleoptera: Melyridae: Malachiinae) from Australia," Annales Zoologici 67(3), 405-548, (1 September 2017).
Received: 30 May 2017; Accepted: 30 June 2017; Published: 1 September 2017

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