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1 March 2018 The Checklist of the Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) of Poland Revisited
Marek Wanat, Tomasz Mokrzycki
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A complete and updated list of 1,066 species and subspecies of the superfamily Curculionoidea recorded from Poland until the end of 2017 is provided, including over 290 comments on all taxonomic, nomenclatural and faunistic changes made since the first edition of the checklist published in 2005. An additional 37 species in the list are considered as erroneously recorded and excluded from the fauna of Poland. An update of the index of genera and subgenera, together with their type species, is provided separately. The following two new synonyms are recognised: Bruchela rufipes nigritarsis (Reitter, 1916) = B. rufipes rufipes (Olivier, 1790) (Anthribidae: Urodontinae), Otiorhynchus proximus iteratus Magnano, 2001 = O. proximus proximus Stierlin, 1861 (Curculionidae: Entiminae). Six species are resurrected from synonymy with the species given in parentheses: Squamapion serpyllicola (Wencker) (S. minutissimum (Rosenhauer)), Polydrusus thalassinus Gyllenhal (P. formosus (Mayer)), Phyllobius vespertinus (Fabricius) (Ph. pyri (L.)), Microplontus melanostigma (Marsham) (M. rugulosus (Herbst)), Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmoluch (O. rotundus Marseul), Romualdius angustisetulus (Hansen) (R. scaber (Linnaeus)). Phyllobius fessus Boheman is replaced in the list with Ph. jacobsoni Smirnov due to the former misidentification of Polish specimens. Brachysomus strawinskii Cmoluch is transferred from subgenus Hippomias to Brachysomus s. str. Eleven new weevil species have been discovered in Poland since 2005, including the still unpublished records of Pachycerus madidus (Olivier). The occurrence in Poland of four species, having hitherto only uncertain old records, has been confirmed with recent findings. The number of dubious species in Poland increased to 27 after the inflow of uncertain data in the literature and probable cases of extinction.

© Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS
Marek Wanat and Tomasz Mokrzycki "The Checklist of the Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) of Poland Revisited," Annales Zoologici 68(1), 1-48, (1 March 2018).
Received: 30 October 2017; Accepted: 1 January 2018; Published: 1 March 2018
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