30 December 2021 The Genera of Inopeplinae (Coleoptera: Salpingidae), World Generic Key, Descriptions of Four New Genera and Revision of the Australian Fauna
Adam Ślipiński, John F. Lawrence, Hermes E. Escalona
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The genera of the salpingid subfamily Inopeplinae are reviewed and presented in a key; new taxa are described, and the Australian fauna is revised. The following genera are described: Afropeplus gen. nov. (type species: Inopeplus zairensis Ślipiński, 1982) from Tropical Africa; Mascaropeplus gen. nov. (type species: Inopeplus darutyi Grouvelle, 1899) from Mauritius; Paederopeplus gen. nov. (type species: Paederopeplus herediae sp. nov.) from Central America and Platopeplus gen. nov. (type species: Ino bifossulatus Reitter, 1876) from Mexico to Brazil. A key is included to the species of Diagrypnodes and a new Australian species, D. australis sp. nov. is described. The genus Euryplatus Motschulskly is expanded to include a number of species formerly part of Inopeplus or other genera; as a result, thirty-nine new combinations and a new synonym are established. A key is given to the Australian species of Euryplatus, the following Australian species are described Euryplatus fulvus sp. nov. and Euryplatus tricolor sp. nov. Euryplatus decisus (Walker, 1858) comb. nov. is recorded from Christmas Island. The genus Eleusima Irmler, 2017 (type species: E. platysoma Irmler, 2017) is revalidated, and the New World inopeplines formerly included in Inopeplus are reassigned to Eleusima resulting in fifteen new combinations. New combinations and synonyms: AFROPEPLUS: A. zairensis (Ślipiński, 1982) (Inopeplus) comb. nov. ELEUSIMA: E. aeneomicans (Waterhouse, 1879) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. assistans (Blackwelder, 1843) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. centralis (Sharp, 1899) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. concolor (Sharp, 1899) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. flavidorsis (Reitter, 1879) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. immunda (Reitter, 1879) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. insularis (Grouvelle, 1898) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. jugularis (Sharp, 1899) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. mutchleri (Blackwelder, 1943) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. nigritula (Grouvelle, 1896) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. picea (Grouvelle, 1891) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. praeusta (Chevrolat, 1858) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. reclusa (LeConte, 1880) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. striatula (Blackwelder, 1943) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. wolcotti (Blackwelder, 1943) (Inopeplus), comb. nov. EURYPLATUS: E. amplus (Rougemont, 2016) (Eleusis), comb. nov.; E. andamanicus (Pal & Datta, 1982) (Inopeplus) comb. nov.; E. angulicollis (Lea, 1906) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. apatani (Pal, 1992a) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. beraneki (Reitter, 1884) (Inoplectus), comb. nov.; E. bicolor (Grouvelle, 1888) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. biguttatus (Waterhouse, 1879) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. borneensis (Olliff, 1883) (Inopeplus) comb. nov.; E. decisus (Walker, 1858) (Prognatha), comb. nov.; E. dimidiatus (Waterhouse, 1875) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. elongatulus (Reitter, 1879) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. ephippiatus (Pascoe, 1862) (Ino), comb. nov. (= Inopeplus olliffi Poll, 1887, syn. nov.); E. fasciipennis (Fairmaire, 1883) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. frater (Grouvelle, 1897) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. jairapurii (Pal, 1992a) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. latus (Coiffait, 1981) (Eleusis), comb. nov.; E. macularis (Grouvelle, 1882) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. marginatus (Grouvelle, 1882) (Ino), comb. nov., E. melanoleucus (Gestro, 1873) (Ino) comb. nov., E. metallescens (Fairmaire, 1881) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. microlestiformis (Coiffait, 1981) (Eleusis), comb. nov.; E. mimetes (Grouvelle, 1914) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. nigricorpus (Sen Gupta et al., 1977) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. nitidus (Sen Gupta et al., 1977) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. pacificus (Pal, 2007) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. patkoicus (Pal, 1992b) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. puncticeps (Grouvelle, 1899) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. quadrinotatus (Gorham, 1873) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. sauteri (Grouvelle, 1913) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. splendens (Grouvelle, 1903) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. subaeneus (Grouvelle, 1903) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. subvirescens (Reitter, 1878) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. syozoi (Sasaji 1986) (Inopeplus) comb. nov.; E. terminatus (Waterhouse, 1879) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. trepidus (Pascoe, 1862) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. uenoi (Sasaji, 1984) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. uenoi ohbayashii (Hatta, 1988) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.; E. venustus (Gestro, 1873) (Ino), comb. nov.; E. violaceipennis (Waterhouse, 1879) (Inopeplus), comb. nov. MASCAROPEPLUS: M. darutyi (Grouvelle, 1899) (Inopeplus) comb. nov. PLATOPEPLUS: P. bifossulatus (Reitter, 1876) (Ino), comb. nov.; P. nigripennis (Reitter, 1876) (Ino), comb. nov. URUMINOPEPLUS: U. distinctus (Sen Gupta et al., 1977) (Inopeplus), comb. nov.

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Adam Ślipiński, John F. Lawrence, and Hermes E. Escalona "The Genera of Inopeplinae (Coleoptera: Salpingidae), World Generic Key, Descriptions of Four New Genera and Revision of the Australian Fauna," Annales Zoologici 71(4), 701-735, (30 December 2021). https://doi.org/10.3161/00034541ANZ2021.71.4.002
Received: 8 November 2021; Accepted: 2 December 2021; Published: 30 December 2021
Central and South America
new genera
new species
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