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1 October 2011 Revision of Cliniodes Guenée (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Odontiinae)
James E. Hayden
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Cliniodes Guenée, 1854, is revised to include 28 species of predominantly Neotropical distribution. The genus is found to be monophyletic in a phylogenetic analysis of all Odontiinae known to feed as larvae on Thymelaeaceae, and diagnoses of taxa are derived from the cladistic results. Heortia Lederer, 1863, and Mabilleodes Marion and Viette, 1956, are reviewed, and the following species are transferred to Heortia, Mabilleodes, Viettessa Minet, 1980, and Hemiscopis Warren, 1890: Heortia flavispila (Hampson, 1913a), new combination (from Epipagis Hübner); Heortia ocellata (Hampson, 1916), new combination (from Epipagis); Heortia plumbatalis (Zeller, 1852), new combination (from Loxostege Hübner); Heortia iospora (Meyrick, 1936), new combination (from Hapalia), and its synonym, Heortia pyrographa (Meyrick, 1937), new combination (from Hapalia Hübner); Mabilleodes kenrickalis (Marion and Viette, 1956), new combination (from Tegostoma Zeller); Mabilleodes catalalis (Viette, 1953a: 136), new combination (from Mecyna Doubleday); Mabilleodes lithosialis (Hampson, 1899b), new combination (from Pyrausta Schrank); Viettessa villiersi (Marion, 1957), new combination (from Noorda Walker); and Hemiscopis purpurea (Inoue, 1982), new combination (from Clupeosoma Snellen). Mabilleodes alacralis, new name, is proposed as a replacement name for Mabilleodes catalalis Marion and Viette, 1956. Within Cliniodes, three subgenera and certain subordinate species-groups are diagnosed based on a phylogenetic analysis of maculation, genitalia, and external morphology of imagines. Procliniodes, new subgenus, is proposed, and Metrea Grote, 1882, new rank, is revised as a subgenus of Cliniodes. Three described species are synonymized with Cliniodes euphrosinalis Möschler, 1886: Cliniodes cyllarusalis Druce, 1895, new synonym; C. nomadalis Dyar, 1912, new synonym; and C. paucilinealis Snellen, 1895, new synonym. Cliniodes mossalis Dyar, 1914, new synonym, is synonymized with Cliniodes underwoodi Druce, 1899. Ten species are newly described: Cliniodes additalis, new species; C. beckeralis, new species; C. festivalis, new species; C. inferalis, new species; C. insignialis, new species; C. iopolia, new species; C. mellalis, new species; C. muralis, new species; C. opertalis, new species; and C. subflavescens, new species. Lectotypes, paralectotypes, and a neotype for C. saburralis

James E. Hayden "Revision of Cliniodes Guenée (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Odontiinae)," Annals of Carnegie Museum 79(4), 231-347, (1 October 2011).
Published: 1 October 2011
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