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3 February 2017 Morph-Specific Weapon-Correlated Traits in a Male Dimorphic Stag Beetle Prosopocoilus inclinatus, (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)
J. Ito, Y. Ohkubo, E. Hasegawa
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Several male beetles that fight with rival males show dimorphic weapons. Majormales have large weapons and fight aggressively with rival males. Minor males have small or no weapons and often adopt an alternative reproductive tactic without fighting. Suitable body shapes are likely to differ depending on the tactic. Thus, the set of body parts that are compatible with distinct weaponsmay be different inmajor and minor males according to their battle tactics. Many studies have reported correlations between weapons and some morphological traits, but few studies have shown the difference in the correlation patterns between major and minor males. Here, we show that in a male dimorphic stag beetle, Prosopocoilus inclinatus (Motschlsky), several morph-specific traits are correlated with weapon size. Mandible size correlates positively with eye size in major males only but correlates positively with the length of forelegs and negatively with abdomen weight in minor males only. These results suggest that the correlated trait sets are different between themorphs because each morph adopts different battle tactics andmating strategies.

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J. Ito, Y. Ohkubo, and E. Hasegawa "Morph-Specific Weapon-Correlated Traits in a Male Dimorphic Stag Beetle Prosopocoilus inclinatus, (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)," Annals of the Entomological Society of America 110(3), 281-285, (3 February 2017).
Received: 1 July 2016; Accepted: 28 November 2016; Published: 3 February 2017

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morph-specific correlated evolution
stag beetle
Weapon dimorphism
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