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18 June 2008 Taxonomic Revision of Roldana (Asteraceae: Senecioneae), a Genus of the Southwestern U.S.A., Mexico, and Central America
A. Michele Funston
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A revision of the genus Roldana La Llave (Asteraceae: Senecioneae) is given, including a key to species and complete nomenclature with synonymies, description, distribution, and discussion sections for 48 species; eight varieties are recognized and 11 new combinations are made, including one species transfer to the genus Psacaliopsis H. Rob. & Brettell. A phytogeography section for the genus, which is distributed throughout the highlands of Mexico and Central America, with one species entering the southwestern-most U.S.A., is also included. New combinations are established for R. acutangula (Bertol.) Funston, R. aliena (B. L. Rob. & Seaton) Funston, R. hartwegii var. carlomasonii (B. L. Turner & T. M. Barkley) Funston, R. hartwegii var. durangensis (H. Rob. & Brettell) Funston, R. hartwegii var. subcymosa (H. Rob.) Funston, R. kerberi var. calzadana (B. L. Turner) Funston, R. kerberi var. manantlanensis (R. R. Kowal) Funston, R. petasitis var. cristobalensis (Greenm.) Funston, R. petasitis var. oaxacana (Hemsl.) Funston, R. petasitis var. sartorii (Sch. Bip. ex Hemsl.) Funston, as well as for the excluded taxon P. pinetorum (Hemsl.) Funston & Villaseñor. Neotypes are designated for Cineraria platanifolia Schrank, R. ehrenbergiana (Klatt) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. lobata La Llave, R. petasitis (Sims) H. Rob. & Brettell, Senecio acerifolius K. Koch, S. canicidus Sessé & Moc., and S. prainianus A. Berger. Lectotypes are designated for Cacalia nutans Sessé & Moc., C. peltata Sessé & Moc., P. pinetorum, R. albonervia (Greenm.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. aschenborniana (S. Schauer) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. gilgii (Greenm.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. heracleifolia (Hemsl.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. heterogama (Benth.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. kerberi (Greenm.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. langlassei (Greenm.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. lanicaulis (Greenm.) H. Rob. & Brettell, R. petasitis var. cristobalensis, R. petasitis var. sartorii, S. brachyanthus Greenm., S. chapalensis var. areolatus Greenm., S. chrismarii Greenm., S. ghiesbreghtii Regel var. pauciflorus J. M. Coult., S. grandifolius Loes. var. glabrior He

A. Michele Funston "Taxonomic Revision of Roldana (Asteraceae: Senecioneae), a Genus of the Southwestern U.S.A., Mexico, and Central America," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 95(2), 282-337, (18 June 2008).
Published: 18 June 2008
Central America
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