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7 July 2009 A Review of the Genus Distictella (Bignoniaceae),
Amy Pool
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Distictella Kuntze is a genus of 18 species in the tribe Bignonieae. The species are lianas or less frequently shrubs, and can be recognized by their terete branchlets without interpetiolar glandular fields; usually bifoliolate or less frequently unifoliolate or trifoliolate leaves, often with a trifid terminal tendril; terminal or less frequently lateral inflorescences; usually glandular, campanulate, ± truncate calyces; tubular-infundibular or tubular-campanulate, strongly curved corollas that are white or less frequently purple, often with a yellow throat, pubescent externally and usually internally; ovaries and styles sericeous and poorly demarcated; woody capsules that are non-echinate, and often with both valves convex (slightly compressed) or one convex and one concave and the fruits curving; and bialate seeds (wings sometimes greatly reduced), brown to black, irregularly ridged, and glabrous. Relationships with similar genera are discussed, and a key to the species of Distictella, species descriptions, and species distribution maps are provided. The relationships of the species are also discussed, and a new species, D. lohmanniae A. Pool, and new variety, D. racemosa (Bureau & K. Schum.) Urb. var. translucida A. Pool, are proposed. Bignonia rusbyi Britton ex Rusby, Distictis angustifolia K. Schum. ex Sprague, Distictella lutescens C. V. Freire & A. Samp., and Distictella negrensis C. V. Freire & A. Samp. are presented as new synonyms of Distictella racemosa var. racemosa. Distictella broadwayana Urb. is presented as a new synonym of Distictella racemosa var. translucida, and a lectotype is designated for Distictis racemosa Bureau & K. Schum.

Amy Pool "A Review of the Genus Distictella (Bignoniaceae),," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96(2), 286-323, (7 July 2009).
Published: 7 July 2009
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