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17 October 2017 The Frontier of Data Discoverability: Why We Need to Share Our Data
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We are now in an era where sharing and making data widely accessible are not only expected within many disciplines, but also required by federal granting agencies and many scientific journals. In addition, there are practical reasons why authors should deposit their data into permanent data repositories: (1) it prevents data loss due to accidents, theft, or death of the researcher; (2) it enables published research to be reproduced by others; (3) publications associated with accessible data sets can have higher citation rates; (4) deposited data sets are increasingly recognized for scholarly recognition and professional advancement; and (5) stored and accessible data can be used in the future for projects that are unanticipated today. Applications in Plant Sciences requires that data underlying its articles be publicly accessible as a condition of publication to promote the continued advancement of the field of plant biology.

Theresa M. Culley "The Frontier of Data Discoverability: Why We Need to Share Our Data," Applications in Plant Sciences 5(10), (17 October 2017).
Received: 12 September 2017; Accepted: 1 September 2017; Published: 17 October 2017

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