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14 March 2023 Feasibility for cage farming in Africa: The case of the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria
Zacharia Shitote, Norman Osieko Munala, Julius S. Maremwa
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Fish catches in Lake Victoria have been on the decline, while demand for fish has been increasing because of rapid human population growth and awareness of the health benefits of fish. This decline is attributed to socioeconomic activities around the lake and climate change effects. To bridge the gap, cage culture has presented itself as a new socioeconomic frontier with good prospects for income in Lake Victoria, besides conserving declining wild fish stocks. However, these cages are greatly influencing the biodiversity of the lake both negative and positive. The study adopted a descriptive survey research where a total of 200 cage fish farmers were targeted. A sample of 60 fish farmers was selected using purposive and simple random sampling methods. Interview schedules and self-administered questionnaires were the main tools for data collection. Both primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The results were: the majority of cage fish farmers were male (87%) while the female was 13%, with a majority (75%) of the secondary and tertiary level of education. The beach management units and fish farmers were responsible for siting of cages. The fish farmers experienced several challenges including high cost of feeds leading to the use of poor quality feeds that sink and increase eutrophication, which enhances the growth of algae and water hyacinth in the lake. Overstocking leads to the emergence of diseases and fish kills, and fish theft resulting in economic loss. Most (80%) of respondents were not aware of policy guidelines on cage culture in Lake Victoria, while (75%) were not aware if cage culture was promoting climate change effects in Lake Victoria. This paper recommends the government to create awareness of policy guidelines on cage fish farming.

Zacharia Shitote, Norman Osieko Munala, and Julius S. Maremwa "Feasibility for cage farming in Africa: The case of the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria," Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 25(4), 22-27, (14 March 2023).
Published: 14 March 2023
cage fish farming
feasibility study
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