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1 March 2007 A Taxonomic Revision of the Afrotropical Species of Zelotes (Arachnida: Araneae: Gnaphosidae)
Moira Jane FitzPatrick
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This revision of the genus Zelotes from the Afrotropical Region provides keys, diagnoses, descriptions, illustrations, locality records and distribution maps for 100 species, including 56 new species. The following new synonyms are established: Zelotes simoni (Purcell), Z. montanus (Purcell) and Z. fuliginoides (Hewitt)=Z. fuligineus (Purcell); Z. salensis Berland and Z. elolensis Caporiacco=Z. laetus (O. P.-Cambridge); Z. impexus (Simon), Z. oneili (Purcell), Z. demonaicus Lawrence, Z. sidama Caporiacco, Setaphis bechuanica Purcell and S. anchoralis Purcell=Z. scrutatus (O. P.-Cambridge); Z. hewitti Tucker and Z. montivagus Tucker=Z. humilis (Purcell); Z. vespertilionis Tucker=Z. bastardi (Simon); Z. aculeatus (Purcell)=Z. invidus (Purcell); Z. ornatus Tucker=Z. lightfooti (Purcell); Z. bimamillatus (Caporiacco)=Z. mediocris (Kulczyn´ ski); Z. tristellus (Tullgren)=Z. guineanus (Simon); Z. cronwrighti (Purcell)=Z. gooldi (Purcell); Z. ungulus Tucker=Z. natalensis Tucker; Z. solitarius Lawrence=Z. radiatus Lawrence; Z. anchora Tucker=Z. reduncus (Purcell); Z. vryburgensis Tucker=Z. sclateri Tucker. Camillina aestus Tucker, C. arida (Purcell) and C. corrugata (Purcell) are transferred to Zelotes. Setaphis lightfooti Tucker is transferred to Zelotes, where the name is preoccupied=Z. otavi nom. nov. Males of the following species are described for the first time: Zelotes andreinii Reimoser, Z. comparilis (Simon), Z. frenchi Tucker, Z. lavus Tucker, Z. haplodrassoides (Denis), Z. sclateri, Z. reduncus, Z. radiatus, Z. broomi (Purcell), Z. aestus, Z. aridus and Z. tetramamillatus (Caporiacco). Females of Z. pallidipes Tucker and Z. otavi are described for the first time. It is proposed that Z. thomasi Caporiacco be transferred to Xerophaeus and Z. katangae Giltay to Aphantaulax. Zelotes pulchripes (Purcell) and Z. albomaculatus (O. P.-Cambridge) have been removed from Zelotes. The types of Z. abbajensis (Strand), Z. albobivittatus (Strand), Z. ascensionsis (Strand), Z. dalotensis (Strand), Z. dorsiscutatus (Strand), Z. madagascaricus (Strand), Z. multidentatus (Strand), Z. neumanni (Strand), Z. schoaensis (Strand) and Z. tullgreni Caporiacco are either juveniles or lost and are therefore regarded as nomina dubia.

Moira Jane FitzPatrick "A Taxonomic Revision of the Afrotropical Species of Zelotes (Arachnida: Araneae: Gnaphosidae)," Arachnology 14(3), 97-172, (1 March 2007).
Published: 1 March 2007
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