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1 March 2008 Natural Prey of the Spider Tibellus macellus (Araneae, Philodromidae)
Elchin Fizuli oglu Huseynov
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The natural prey of the spider Tibellus macellus Simon, 1875 was studied in a meadow in the subtropical zone of Azerbaijan. The percentage of specimens of T. macellus found while feeding was unusually high for cursorial spiders (15.6%). There was no statistically significant difference in the percentage of feeding specimens between males and females and immatures. The investigation has shown that T. macellus is a Polyphagic predator feeding on a wide range of prey, with representatives of six arthropod orders found in its diet. The primary food of T. macellus was aphids, which accounted for over half of the total prey (53.1%). The only other considerable prey components were leafhoppers and dipterans (12.5% and 18.7% respectively). The length of prey killed by T. macellus ranged between 0.50 and 8.25 mm (mean 2.55 mm) and constituted from 7.1 to 163.6% (mean 39.5%) of the length of their captors. Most frequently taken were small arthropods not exceeding half the length of the spiders, which accounted for 77.8% of the total prey.

Elchin Fizuli oglu Huseynov "Natural Prey of the Spider Tibellus macellus (Araneae, Philodromidae)," Arachnology 14(4), 206-208, (1 March 2008).
Published: 1 March 2008
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