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5 August 2019 A revision of the spider genus Filistata (Araneae: Filistatidae)
Sergei Zonstein, Yuri M. Marusik
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Twenty-six species and one subspecies assigned to FilistataLatreille, 1810 are revised. The genus is rediagnosed and redelimited to encompass only 11 species, including three newly described: ♂ F. albenssp. n. (Israel), ♂♀ F. canariensisSchmidt, 1976 (Spain), ♂♀ F. gomerensisWunderlich, 1992 (Spain), ♂♀ F. insidiatrix (Forsskål, 1775) (West Palaearctic), ♂♀ F. lehtineniMarusik & Zonstein, 2014 (Azerbaijan, Iran), ♂ F. lubinaesp. n. (Israel), ♂♀ F. maguirei Marusik & Zamani, 2015 (Iran), ♂♀ F. pseudogomerensisWunderlich, 1992 (Spain), ♂♀ F. pygmaeaZonstein, Marusik & Grabole, 2018 (Portugal), ♂♀ F. teideensisWunderlich, 1992 (Spain), and ♂♀F. wunderlichisp. n. (Spain). Nine species earlier considered in Filistata are transferred to other genera: Labahitha gibsonhilli (Savory, 1943) comb. n., Pholcoides chiardolae (Caporiacco, 1934) comb. n., Pritha hirsuta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) comb. n., Pritha marginata (Kishida, 1936) comb. n., Pritha napadensis (Patel, 1975) comb. n., Tricalamus longiventris (Yaginuma, 1967) comb. n., Tricalamus tarimuensis (Hu & Wu, 1989) comb. n., Tricalamus xizanensis (Hu, Hu & Li, 1987) comb. n., and Zaitunia rufa (Caporiacco, 1934) comb. n. The following seven synonyms are recognized, five of them within the Filistatidae: Filistata delimbataStrand, 1914syn. n. and F. puta O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1876syn. n. = F. insidiatrix (Forsskål, 1775), F. hebraea hebraeaStrand, 1914syn. n. and F. hebraea limbomaculataStrand, 1914syn. n. = Pritha tenuispina (Strand, 1914), F. tenerifensisWunderlich, 1992syn. n. = Kukulcania hibernalis (Hentz, 1842); two more synonyms are coupled with other spider families: Filistata dubiaWider, 1834syn. n. = Haplodrassus silvestris (Blackwall, 1833) (Gnaphosidae) and F. truncataRisso, 1826syn. n. = Pistius truncatus (Pallas, 1772) (Thomisidae). Sahastata bosmansisp. n., based on Filistata puta sensuWunderlich, 1995 (Algeria), is proposed. Since it has been found that Simon's (1864) name Filistatiens (family group name) has priority over Ausserer's (1867) Filistatidae, the correct authorship should be cited as Filistatidae Simon, 1864. Illustrations for all 11 species left in Filistata are provided. Vulvae of four species are illustrated here for the first time. KukulcaniaLehtinen, 1967, earlier known exclusively from the New World, and its type species K. hibernalis (Hentz, 1842), is reported for the first time in the western Palaearctic (Canary Islands) and West Africa (Liberia). An updated diagnosis is provided for subfamilies Filistatinae Simon, 1864 and Prithinae Gray, 1995 and genera belonging to each of them are listed. A tabular key is provided to Filistatinae genera.

Sergei Zonstein and Yuri M. Marusik "A revision of the spider genus Filistata (Araneae: Filistatidae)," Arachnology 18(2), 53-93, (5 August 2019).
Published: 5 August 2019
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