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14 November 2022 Nomenclatural notes on some enigmatic Cuban spiders described by Pelegrín Franganillo Balboa (1873–1955) (Araneae: Araneomorphae)
Giraldo Alayón García, Danniella Sherwood
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The enigmatic Cuban araneids Araneus bipunctatus Franganillo, 1931 and Araneus lineatus Franganillo, 1931, neither located nor redescribed since their original descriptions, are discussed. A. bipunctatus is considered a nomen dubium due to the very short and vague description and the absence of type material. A. lineatus is proposed as a junior synonym of Eriophora ravilla (C. L. Koch, 1844) syn. nov. based on examination of the recently rediscovered holotype. Other taxa described by Franganillo in other works are also addressed; 29 other taxa are thereby treated as nomina dubia: Anasaitis arcuata fulgida (Franganillo, 1930) nomen dubium, Araneus fistulosus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Araneus excavatus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Ceratinopsis ruberrima Franganillo, 1926 nomen dubium, Hasarius bisetatus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Leucauge pulcherrima ochrerufa (Franganillo, 1930) nomen dubium, Lycosa anclata Franganillo, 1946 nomen dubium, Lycosa ovalata Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Lycosa rostrata Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Lyssomanes antillanus fasciatus Franganillo, 1935 nomen dubium, Mecaphesa celer olivacea (Franganillo, 1930) nomen dubium, Mecaphesa celer punctata (Franganillo, 1926) nomen dubium, Menemerus depressus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Menemerus fascialatus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Menemerus ochraceus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Menemerus proximus Franganillo, 1935 nomen dubium, Meta serrana Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Misumena picta Franganillo, 1926 nomen dubium, Misumena quadrivulvata Franganillo, 1926 nomen dubium, Nagaina olivacea Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Parasteatoda lunata serrata (Franganillo, 1930) nomen dubium, Pardosa bidentata Franganillo, 1936 nomen dubium, Pardosa maculata Franganillo, 1931 nomen dubium, Scytodes longipes simplex Franganillo, 1926 nomen dubium, Spintharidius viridis Franganillo, 1926 nomen dubium, Stethorrhagus mandibulatus Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Theridion fuscum Franganillo, 1930 nomen dubium, Theridion triangulare Franganillo, 1936 nomen dubium, Witica alobatus (Franganillo, 1931) nomen dubium. Four subspecies, Zosis geniculata altissima (Franganillo, 1926), Zosis geniculata humilis (Franganillo, 1926), Zosis geniculata quadripunctata (Franganillo, 1926), and Zosis geniculata similis (Franganillo, 1926), all described from Havana, are confirmed to be conspecific with the nominate species Zosis geniculata (Olivier, 1789) as first proposed by Bonnet (1959) syns. conf., based on their congruent morphological descriptions. Four non-existent nomina purported to be authored by Franganillo per lapsus of Bryant (1940) and/or Roewer (1955) are also discussed: Ctenonima Franganillo, 1946, Ctenus rufibarbis Franganillo, 1930, Strotarchus striatus Franganillo, 1934 and Thalerothele striatipes Franganillo, 1936.

Giraldo Alayón García and Danniella Sherwood "Nomenclatural notes on some enigmatic Cuban spiders described by Pelegrín Franganillo Balboa (1873–1955) (Araneae: Araneomorphae)," Arachnology 19(3), 609-616, (14 November 2022).
Published: 14 November 2022
Nomen dubium
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