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27 June 2022 Matronymic genera in spiders (Araneae) named for arachnologists
Yuri M. Marusik, Danniella Sherwood
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A checklist of all currently described matronymic genera in spiders honouring arachnologists (both valid and invalid nomina) is given, along with discussion on their taxonomic history and about the honourees of each respective genus. We located a total of 30 matronyms named for arachnologists. Three women have three valid generic nomina named for them. One has one valid generic nomen and two invalid generic nomina by consequence of homonymy. Four have two valid matronyms each, one has one valid generic nomen and one invalid generic nomen by consequence of homonymy, and the rest of the women honoured each have a single valid generic nomen. A total of eight women in Europe have been honoured, two women have been honoured from each of North America, South America, and Oceania, and only one woman has been honoured from each of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Yuri M. Marusik and Danniella Sherwood "Matronymic genera in spiders (Araneae) named for arachnologists," Arachnology 19(sp1), 150-157, (27 June 2022).
Published: 27 June 2022

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