VOL. 97 · NO. 1 | April 2009

Articles (12)
In Memoriam
97(1), 7-15, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0102
KEYWORDS: Bubo bubo, fractal analysis, path search strategies, perceptual range, post-fledging dependence period
97(1), 17-22, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0103
KEYWORDS: bird ringing, brood parasitism, Common Cuckoo, long-term study, Red-backed Shrike
97(1), 23-30, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0104
KEYWORDS: Adaptation, Biometry, Dipper, Cinclus cinclus, environmental abiotic factors, Iberia
97(1), 31-42, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0105
KEYWORDS: Brazil, guild, habitat choice, Nearctic shorebirds, microhabitat characteristics, niche
97(1), 43-50, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0106
KEYWORDS: Baltic Dunlin, Calidris alpina schinzii, winter quarter, migration, moult
97(1), 51-59, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0107
KEYWORDS: Limosa lapponica lapponica, Limosa lapponica taymyrensis, predation, intake rate, migration strategy, feeding site selection, trade-off
97(1), 61-70, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0108
KEYWORDS: migration strategy, fuel deposition, body condition, calidrid sandpipers, East Asian—Australasian Flyway
97(1), 71-79, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0109
KEYWORDS: Calidris canutus canutus, diurnal timing, long-distance flights, migration, Shorebirds, twilight advantages, vocalization
97(1), 81-87, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0110
KEYWORDS: sanderling, feeding ecology, polychaetes, Scolelepis squamata, sandy beaches
97(1), 89-98, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0111
KEYWORDS: Morus capensis, chick growth, trip duration, trip frequency, body condition, reproductive success, food availability, sex-specific behaviour, parental roles
97(1), 99-107, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0112
KEYWORDS: Common Eider, Somateria mollissima, human disturbance, time allocation, feeding activity, Greenland
97(1), 109-116, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0113
KEYWORDS: Acrocephalus arundinaceus, nests, predation, edge effect, timing of breeding
Short notes
97(1), 117-119, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0114
KEYWORDS: Circus pygargus, nest site selection, natural habitat, Poland
97(1), 120-124, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0115
KEYWORDS: temperature sensitive radio transmitters, body temperature, thermoregulation
97(1), 125-128, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0116
KEYWORDS: carotenoid availability, lutein, Parus major, plumage coloration, zeaxanthin
PhD-dissertation reviews
97(1), 129-136, (1 April 2009)https://doi.org/10.5253/078.097.0117
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