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1 August 2001 Semenogelin II Gene Is Replaced by a Truncated LINE1 Repeat in the Cotton-Top Tamarin
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The human seminal vesicles secrete two proteins, semenogelin I and semenogelin II, at very high concentrations. It has previously been shown that the cotton-top tamarin (Sanguinus oedipus), a New World monkey, is lacking the semenogelin II gene. We have now determined the nucleotide sequence of DNA located 5–13 kilobases (kb) downstream of the tamarin semenogelin I gene—a region that in man is occupied by the semenogelin II gene. Two regions with homology to the human semenogelin II gene were identified in the tamarin DNA. The first region, of 3.5 kb, is homologous to DNA upstream of the human gene, and the second region, of 0.6 kb, is mainly derived from the second intron. Between these regions, equivalent to 594 base pairs (bp) upstream of the transcription initiation site to 12 bp downstream of the stop codon in the human semenogelin II gene, the cotton-top tamarin DNA carries a truncated LINE1 repeat. In another set of experiments, the tamarin DNA hybridizing to the mouse semenoclotin gene was investigated. It was concluded that hybridization is with the second intron of the semenoclotin gene, but very likely, the material does not represent a cotton-top tamarin semenoclotin gene. Thus, a mammalian ancestor probably carried a single gene that in the rodent lineage developed into the semenoclotin gene and in the primate lineage into a progenitor of the semenogelin genes.

Åke Lundwall and A. Yvonne M. Olsson "Semenogelin II Gene Is Replaced by a Truncated LINE1 Repeat in the Cotton-Top Tamarin," Biology of Reproduction 65(2), 420-425, (1 August 2001).
Received: 19 January 2001; Accepted: 1 March 2001; Published: 1 August 2001

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