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1 April 2002 Changes in Concentrations of Follicular Fluid Factors During Follicle Selection in Mares
F. X. Donadeu, O. J. Ginther
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The temporal relationships in the changes in concentrations of follicular fluid factors during follicle selection were characterized in mares. All follicles ≥5 mm were ablated 10 days after ovulation, followed by follicular fluid collection from the three largest follicles (F1, F2, and F3) when F1 of the new wave reached a diameter of 8.0–11.9, 12.0–15.9, 16.0–19.9, 20.0–23.9, 24.0–27.9, or 28.0–31.9 mm (n = 4–8 mares/range). Diameter deviation between F1 and F2 began during the 20.0- to 23.9-mm range, as indicated by a greater difference in diameter between the two follicles at the 24.0- to 27.9-mm range than at the 20.0- to 23.9-mm range. Androstenedione concentrations increased in F1, F2, and F3 between the 16.0- to 19.9- and 20.0- to 23.9-mm ranges. In contrast, estradiol, free insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1, activin-A, and inhibin-A concentrations increased only in F1 beginning at the 16.0- to 19.9-mm range. As a result, the concentrations of all four factors were higher in F1 than in F2 and F3 at all the later ranges, including the 20.0- to 23.9-mm range (beginning of diameter deviation). Concentrations of progesterone differentially increased in F1, concentrations of androstenedione and IGF-binding protein (IGFBP)-2 increased only in F2 and F3, and concentrations of inhibin-B differentially decreased in F2 and F3 simultaneous with the beginning of deviation. Concentrations of FSH, LH, pro-αC inhibin, and total inhibin did not change differentially among follicles. Results indicated that, on a temporal basis, estradiol, free IGF-1, activin-A, and inhibin-A may have played a role in the initiation of follicle deviation. In addition, these four factors as well as progesterone, androstenedione, IGFBP-2, and inhibin-B may have been involved in the subsequent differential development of the follicles.

F. X. Donadeu and O. J. Ginther "Changes in Concentrations of Follicular Fluid Factors During Follicle Selection in Mares," Biology of Reproduction 66(4), 1111-1118, (1 April 2002).
Received: 4 October 2001; Accepted: 1 November 2001; Published: 1 April 2002

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