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1 April 2002 Dynamic Testicular Adhesion Junctions Are Immunologically Unique. I. Localization of p120 Catenin in Rat Testis
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In the seminiferous epithelium, morphologically diverse junctions mediate inter-Sertoli and Sertoli-germ cell adhesive contact, but the molecular composition of such junctions is not well known. At prototypical adherens junctions, proteins termed catenins bind to the intracellular domain of classic cadherins and regulate the strength of adhesion. Using a panel of monoclonal antibodies (5A7, 8D11, and 15D2), p120 catenin (p120) was localized in postnatal and adult rat testis cryosections and touch preparations by immunofluorescence. Immunoprecipitation of testis homogenates showed that at least four p120 isoforms were expressed from Postnatal Day 7 through adulthood. Both inter-Sertoli and Sertoli-germ cell junctions were p120-positive, however, individual p120 monoclonals were localized to specific junctions. The 5A7 and 8D11 antibodies colocalized with β-catenin and plectin at inter-Sertoli and Sertoli-spermatocyte junctions. At inter-Sertoli junctions, p120 was juxtaposed to but did not colocalize with f-actin. Thus, p120 is likely a component of inter-Sertoli desmosome-like junctions. In contrast, the 15D2 monoclonal antibody specifically immunostained Sertoli-round spermatid and inter-Sertoli cell junctions in a dynamic pattern. From the time that round spermatids form to their differentiation into elongate spermatids, Sertoli-round spermatid 15D2 immunostaining cycled from a single mass to a curvilinear pattern, and finally to punctate structures scattered throughout the epithelium. This localization and stage-specific immunostaining pattern indicated that 15D2 recognized Sertoli-round spermatid desmosome-like junctions. Between Sertoli cells, 15D2 immunostained newly formed junctions (at Postnatal Days 21 through 43), but not mature junctions in the adult. From these data, we conclude that p120 is a component of most, if not all, desmosome-like junctions, and that desmosome-like junctions between different cell types contain a unique molecular composition.

Kamin J. Johnson and Kim Boekelheide "Dynamic Testicular Adhesion Junctions Are Immunologically Unique. I. Localization of p120 Catenin in Rat Testis," Biology of Reproduction 66(4), 983-991, (1 April 2002).
Received: 2 August 2001; Accepted: 1 November 2001; Published: 1 April 2002

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