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23 February 2011 Classification of Mouse Sperm Motility Patterns Using an Automated Multiclass Support Vector Machines Model
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Vigorous sperm motility, including the transition from progressive to hyperactivated motility that occurs in the female reproductive tract, is required for normal fertilization in mammals. We developed an automated, quantitative method that objectively classifies five distinct motility patterns of mouse sperm using Support Vector Machines (SVM), a common method in supervised machine learning. This multiclass SVM model is based on more than 2000 sperm tracks that were captured by computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) during in vitro capacitation and visually classified as progressive, intermediate, hyperactivated, slow, or weakly motile. Parameters associated with the classified tracks were incorporated into established SVM algorithms to generate a series of equations. These equations were integrated into a binary decision tree that sequentially sorts uncharacterized tracks into distinct categories. The first equation sorts CASA tracks into vigorous and nonvigorous categories. Additional equations classify vigorous tracks as progressive, intermediate, or hyperactivated and nonvigorous tracks as slow or weakly motile. Our CASAnova software uses these SVM equations to classify individual sperm motility patterns automatically. Comparisons of motility profiles from sperm incubated with and without bicarbonate confirmed the ability of the model to distinguish hyperactivated patterns of motility that develop during in vitro capacitation. The model accurately classifies motility profiles of sperm from a mutant mouse model with severe motility defects. Application of the model to sperm from multiple inbred strains reveals strain-dependent differences in sperm motility profiles. CASAnova provides a rapid and reproducible platform for quantitative comparisons of motility in large, heterogeneous populations of mouse sperm.

Summer G. Goodson, Zhaojun Zhang, James K. Tsuruta, Wei Wang, and Deborah A. O'Brien "Classification of Mouse Sperm Motility Patterns Using an Automated Multiclass Support Vector Machines Model," Biology of Reproduction 84(6), 1207-1215, (23 February 2011).
Received: 6 October 2010; Accepted: 1 February 2011; Published: 23 February 2011

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