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23 December 2016 Testicular adenosine to inosine RNA editing in the mouse is mediated by ADARB1,
Elizabeth M. Snyder, Konstantin Licht, Robert E. Braun
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Adenosine to inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing occurs in a wide range of tissues and cell types and can be catalyzed by one of the two adenosine deaminase acting on double-stranded RNA enzymes, ADAR and ADARB1. Editing can impact both coding and noncoding regions of RNA, and in higher organisms has been proposed to function in adaptive evolution. Neither the prevalence of A-to-I editing nor the role of either ADAR or ADARB1 has been examined in the context of germ cell development in mammals. Computational analysis of whole testis and cell-type specific RNA-sequencing data followed by molecular confirmation demonstrated that A-to-I RNA editing occurs in both the germ line and in somatic Sertoli cells in two targets, Cog3 and Rpa1. Expression analysis demonstrated both Adar and Adarb1 were expressed in both Sertoli cells and in a celltype dependent manner during germ cell development. Conditional ablation of Adar did not impact testicular RNA editing in either germ cells or Sertoli cells. Additionally, Adar ablation in either cell type did not have gross impacts on germ cell development or male fertility. In contrast, global Adarb1 knockout animals demonstrated a complete loss of A-to-I RNA editing in spite of normal germ cell development. Taken together, these observations demonstrate ADARB1 mediates A-to-I RNA editing in the testis and these editing events are dispensable for male fertility in an inbred mouse strain in the lab.

Summary Sentence

Testicular A to I editing occurs primarily in meiotic and postmeiotic germ cells and is catalyzed by the editing enzyme ADARB1.

Elizabeth M. Snyder, Konstantin Licht, and Robert E. Braun "Testicular adenosine to inosine RNA editing in the mouse is mediated by ADARB1,," Biology of Reproduction 96(1), 244-253, (23 December 2016).
Received: 23 September 2016; Accepted: 28 November 2016; Published: 23 December 2016
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