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1 February 2006 AIBSnews

Incorporation Day for NEON

The birth of the National Ecological Observatory Network is now official. On Thursday, 15 December 2005, NEON, Inc., was legally established as a not-for-profit corporation. It will serve as the primary coordinating body for NEON implementation and build-out. The NEON Project Office and staff will remain a division of the American Institute of Biological Sciences during the remainder of the project's design phase. Once subsumed by NEON, Inc., the Project Office will be responsible for the coordination and management of NEON construction, and for establishing partnerships, contracts, and subawards. The articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws for NEON, Inc., are available at (documents section).

AIBS Cosponsors Dover Teleconference

In December, AIBS and The Interfaith Alliance cosponsored a teleconference that brought together scientific and religious leaders to respond to the pro-evolution decision in the high-profile Kitzmiller v. Dover case. Reporters from a variety of media outlets attended, including the Associated Press, Reuters, Science magazine, National Public Radio, New Scientist magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the York Daily Record. The consensus seemed to be that the Dover verdict was a huge victory for science, but would not completely stave off threats to science education. Representing AIBS was 2004 president Joel Cracraft, who served as an advisor to the American Civil Liberties Union at the Arkansas creation trial in 1981.

Recent Articles Online at

Original article in English

  • “Environmental Metabolomics: The Study of Disease and Toxicity in Wildlife,” by Mark R. Viant, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Spanish translations of previously posted articles

  • “Uso de Casos Estudio para la Enseñanza de la Ciencia” [Using Case Studies to Teach Science], by Clyde Freeman Herreid, State University of New York at Buffalo

  • “La Pérdida de los Humedales: ¿Cómo se Ven Afectadas las Comunidades de Aves?” [Loss of Wet-lands: How Are Bird Communities Affected?], by Robert Fletcher, University of Montana

Recent Public Policy Reports Online at

Public Policy Report for 3 January 2006

  • A victory for science in Dover

  • AIBS cosponsors post-Dover press conference

  • Congress reauthorizes NASA

  • Congress wrapped up legislative business in time for holidays

  • Graduate student opportunity: Apply for the 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award

  • New in BioScience: “Congress Likes Innovation, but Will Biology Get Its Due?”

  • From the Federal Register

Public Policy Report for 19 December 2005

  • NSF requests comments on strategic plan for biology

  • House adjourns while Senate faces tough debate over ANWR

  • Legislators introduce bills to foster US innovation and competitiveness

  • National Summit on Competitiveness convenes in Washington, DC

  • Evolution on trial: Updates from Cobb County and California

  • National Science Board tests idea of a STEM education commission

  • Report grades state science education standards

  • 2005 AIBS Public Policy Office annual report now online

  • Graduate student opportunity: Apply for the 2006 AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leader Award

  • New in BioScience: “Will Stem Cell Research Evolve?”

  • From the Federal Register

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Published: 1 February 2006

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