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1 September 2006 AIBSnews

BioScience Impact Factor Rises

BioScience's journal impact factor, based on citations in 2005 to articles published in BioScience in 2003 and 2004, rose to 4.708, according to Thomson Scientific's Journal Citation Reports. The new impact factor means that BioScience ranks 7th out of 65 journals in Thomson's biology category. The new Thomson data also indicate that BioScience's journal immediacy index is 0.731, and the cited half-life 7.9 years. AIBS takes pride in this recognition of BioScience's importance in the scholarly community.

Kansas Voters Opt for Pro-Science Candidates, Again

As most biologists and science educators are aware, Kansas has been in the forefront of the political movement to introduce intelligent design/creationism into the science classrooms of public schools. Just over one year ago, by a 6 to 4 vote, the Kansas Board of Education approved a policy that redefines science in such a way that supernatural phenomena such as intelligent design could be taught as science in Kansas classrooms.

A broad cross-section of individuals and organizations focused attention on Kansas in response to the board's political attack on science. Individuals opposed to the pro–intelligent design policy stepped forward to challenge board incumbents and contenders who supported that policy.

On 1 August 2006, the citizens of Kansas had their opportunity to weigh in on the debate. In the primary election to determine which Democrats and Republicans would contend for seats on the board during the November 2006 general election, Kansas voters sent their message. Of five board races on the ballot, three were won by individuals opposed to the board's 2005 policy. It appears that science supporters may once again control the board after the November elections.

Following the primary, AIBS president Kent Holsinger said, “This appears to be a great outcome. People want students to get the best education possible so that they will be able to compete for quality jobs. The lesson for the science community is that we must recommit ourselves to making sure that every American understands the nature of science.” To read the AIBS press release on the subject, visit For additional information about developments in evolution education policy in Kansas and elsewhere, visit

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Published: 1 September 2006

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