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1 December 1983 New Species of Aloe from Somalia
Susan Carter, Peter Brandham
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Two new species of Aloe in the Saponariae group are described. Both occur in the northern mountains of Somalia; A. grisea in the Golis Range at Gaan Libah and Sheikh, and A. albovestita in the A1 Madu Range north and north east of Erigavo. A third new species is A. citrina from near Bulo Burti, extending into Kenya and Ethiopia. Aloe rigens var. glabrescens from the Las Anod—El Afwein area is raised to specific rank as A. glabrescens. All are diploid with 2n = 14 chromosomes.

Susan Carter and Peter Brandham "New Species of Aloe from Somalia," Bradleya 1983(1), 17-24, (1 December 1983).
Published: 1 December 1983
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