1 December 1992 A taxonomic revision of the genus Monanthes Haworth (Crassulaceae)
Reto Nyffeler
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The genus Monanthes Haworth (Crassulaceae) is critically revised. 10 species and 1 heterotypic subspecies are recognized and classified into 3 sections in this study: sect. Monanthoidea incl. M. atlantica, M. lowei, M. brachycaulos, M. minima, M. pallens, M. icterica; sect. Monanthes incl. M. polyphylla ssp. polyphylla, M. polyphylla ssp. amydros, M. muralis; sect. Sedoidea incl. M. laxiflora, M. anagensis. Keys are given for their identification, as well as descriptions for each taxon together with synonyms, distribution, a list of specimens examined and additional notes. Putative inter- and infrageneric relationships are discussed on the basis of comparative morphology.

Reto Nyffeler "A taxonomic revision of the genus Monanthes Haworth (Crassulaceae)," Bradleya 1992(10), 49-82, (1 December 1992). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n10.1992.a5
Accepted: 22 November 1991; Published: 1 December 1992
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