1 July 2000 The mandrake cactus: a mystery plant
Alessandro Mosco, Carlo Zanovello
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On the basis of seed morphology, Echinocactus mandragora Berger is seen as unrelated to Turbinicarpus, but a closer ally of Sclerocactus, Echinomastus and Pediocactus. It differs from these genera in its floral and fruit morphology, therefore we propose a new genus, Lodia Mosco & Zanovello, to accommodate this species.

Alessandro Mosco and Carlo Zanovello "The mandrake cactus: a mystery plant," Bradleya 2000(18), 41-44, (1 July 2000). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n18.2000.a5
Published: 1 July 2000
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