1 August 2003 The status of Aloe pillansii L. Guthrie (Aloaceae) in Namibia
S. Loots, C. Mannheimer
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Distribution, abundance and condition of Aloe pillansii in Namibia were assessed. It was previously believed that the world population numbered fewer than 200 individuals, of which most occurred in South Africa. More than 1500 individuals were found in five populations. The largest population appears to be in a poor condition, possibly due to mining activities nearby. Low recruitment was observed in all populations. Possible reasons for this are discussed, and the situation in Namibia is contrasted with that in South Africa.

S. Loots and C. Mannheimer "The status of Aloe pillansii L. Guthrie (Aloaceae) in Namibia," Bradleya 2003(21), 57-62, (1 August 2003). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n21.2003.a12
Published: 1 August 2003
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