1 August 2003 Notes on Trichodiadema Schwantes (Mesembryanthema, Aizoaceae): T. intonsum (Haw.) Schwantes
H.E.K. Hartmann, I.M. Niesler
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Based on investigations in the field and in herbaria over several years, it is possible now to identify the species Trichodiadema intonsum. Confusions with T. bulbosum, T. concinnum, T. decorum, T. introrsum, and T. orientale are discussed, the species limits and their variations are described, synonyms are listed, a key is offered, and the accepted taxonomy is presented.

H.E.K. Hartmann and I.M. Niesler "Notes on Trichodiadema Schwantes (Mesembryanthema, Aizoaceae): T. intonsum (Haw.) Schwantes," Bradleya 2003(21), 93-106, (1 August 2003). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n21.2003.a15
Published: 1 August 2003
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