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1 May 2005 Aloe jawiyon, a new species from Soqotra (Yemen)
Susan J. Christie, Roderic W. Dutton, Dylan P. Hannon, Anthony G. Miller, Neil A. Oakman
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The Soqotra archipelago, part of Yemen, is home to a fascinating flora with a degree of endemism comparable to more celebrated island chains. While studying the ecology of Aloe perryi, a plant of social and economic significance to the islanders, a new Aloe was identified. The new species has been designated, following its local Soqotri name of je'awiyon, as Aloe jawiyon and the characteristics by which it differs from A. perryi are described in this paper. Like A. perryi, it is a clump-forming species with large, recurved leaves and a prostrate stem. It is, however, a smaller and lower-growing species which favours more exposed habitats, often at the tops of windswept plateaux. Despite growing sympatrically with A. perryi in some habitats, it displays little or no hybridisation, is distinctive in flowering time as well as morphological and floral characteristics and is less widespread, having been identified from only three locations on the main island, but it can be locally abundant. Whereas the sap of A. perryi is used for a variety of medical purposes, the sap of A. jawiyon is regarded as inferior. Although it is harvested and used when A. perryi is scarce it cannot be mixed with the more powerful sap of its congenor. Future research topics are outlined.

Susan J. Christie, Roderic W. Dutton, Dylan P. Hannon, Anthony G. Miller, and Neil A. Oakman "Aloe jawiyon, a new species from Soqotra (Yemen)," Bradleya 2005(23), 23-30, (1 May 2005).
Published: 1 May 2005
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