1 December 2007 A key to the genus Conophytum N.E.Br.
Tom Jacobs
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The taxonomy of the genusConophytum has been problematic since its inception. The geographical isolation of the many populations, confined to the summits of small hills or isolated stony vlaktes, has ensured an enormous variation and an explosion of forms. Up to now, all published taxonomic keys have been limited to small groups of species or subspecies; no taxonomic key has been compiled for the entire genus. In the present paper, a key to the entire genus Conophytum is proposed. Even though traditional statistical methods would serve well for this task, they were not used. Instead key phrases are proposed based on subjective knowledge of the genus.

Tom Jacobs "A key to the genus Conophytum N.E.Br.," Bradleya 2007(25), 21-32, (1 December 2007). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n25.2007.a5
Published: 1 December 2007
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