1 October 2010 Notes on Borzicactus in northern Peru
Graham Charles
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The genus Borzicactus Riccobono is recognised as distinct from Cleistocactus Lemaire. Recent explorations in northern Peru have revealed more information about the Borzicactus taxa in this region. The author relates habitat observations to the published literature and recognises seven species and one subspecies. The new combination Borzicactus longiserpens (Leuenberger) G. Charles is published for Cleistocactus longiserpens Leuenberger. Two new taxa are published in the context of the other Borzicactus in the region: Borzicactus hutchisonii G. Charles spec. nov. and Borzicactus longiserpens (Leuenberger) G. Charles subsp. erectus G. Charles subsp. nov. Additionally, Loxanthocereus crassiserpens (Rauh & Backeberg) Backeberg is considered to be a natural hybrid between Borzicactus longiserpens and B. icosagonus. All recognised taxa are illustrated with photos and their distributions are mapped.

Graham Charles "Notes on Borzicactus in northern Peru," Bradleya 2010(28), 1-14, (1 October 2010). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n28.2010.a2
Published: 1 October 2010
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