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1 October 2010 Two new caulescent species of Sansevieria (Asparagaceae) in Kenya
Leonard E. Newton
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Sansevieria ascendens L.E. Newton and S. powysii L.E. Newton are two of several prominently caulescent plants that had been confused with S. arborescens. Sansevieria ascendens is closer to the recently described S. dumetescens, but differs in having thicker leaves and in its inflorescence branches curving upwards. Sansevieria powysii has very thick leaves, and the inflorescence is a large panicle like that of S. dumetescens.

Leonard E. Newton "Two new caulescent species of Sansevieria (Asparagaceae) in Kenya," Bradleya 2010(28), 19-26, (1 October 2010).
Published: 1 October 2010
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