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1 August 2013 The genus Aloe L. (Xanthorrhoeaceae) in Djibouti
Nicolas Ruch, Tom McCoy, Olwen M. Grace
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The Horn of Africa is rich in succulent plants, yet the flora in some parts of the region remains under-explored, owing largely to political instability and inaccessibility. The Republic of Djibouti is a relatively small, politically stable country where botanical studies continue to identify new species records and new taxa. Here, we focus on the genus Aloe L. (Xanthorrhoeaceae subfamily Asphodeloideae) in Djibouti. Recent field surveys resulted in five new species records for the country (A. rigens Reynolds & Bally, A. macrocarpa Tod., A. eumassawana Carter, Gilbert & Sebsebe, A. ericahenriettae McCoy and A. djiboutiensis McCoy), in addition to the three taxa included in the treatment for the Flora of Djibouti (Aloe trichosantha A.Berger, A. aff. trichosantha and A. mcloughlinii Christian). We present notes on the determination, distribution and habitats of the nine Aloe species recorded in Djibouti.

Nicolas Ruch, Tom McCoy, and Olwen M. Grace "The genus Aloe L. (Xanthorrhoeaceae) in Djibouti," Bradleya 2013(31), 15-24, (1 August 2013).
Published: 1 August 2013
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