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20 November 2014 A preliminary assessment of the conservation status of the genus Aloe L. in Madagascar
Solofo E. Rakotoarisoa, Ronell R. Klopper, Gideon F. Smith
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The island of Madagascar harbours 128 species (161 taxa) of Aloe L., which are all endemic to this biodiversity hotspot. Most Malagasy aloes have very restricted distribution ranges and are represented by small populations. Madagascan aloes are very popular in horticulture and an important part of the ornamental plant export industry. The aloes of Madagascar are prone to human pressures that affect the degradation of their natural habitats and their survival. However, there has not been a treatment to assess the conservation status of the Malagasy aloes. Here, for the first time, we aim to provide a risk assessment and make available preliminary conservation statuses for all the known aloes of Madagascar. Specimen information from different herbaria and different websites have been gathered and compiled into a BRAHMS database. The Conservation Assessment Tool was used for data analysis during the conservation assessments. It was found that around 39% of Madagascan aloes are threatened, with only 4% being Least Concern. Of great significance is the fact that almost 50% of the aloes in Madagascar are regarded as Data Deficient, likely leading to a huge underestimate of the percentage of threatened aloes. Further research into Data Deficient taxa and a comprehensive conservation assessment for all the aloes of Madagascar is required. These results will inform priorities in conservation projects concerning aloes and the areas where they occur.

Solofo E. Rakotoarisoa, Ronell R. Klopper, and Gideon F. Smith "A preliminary assessment of the conservation status of the genus Aloe L. in Madagascar," Bradleya 2014(32), 81-91, (20 November 2014).
Published: 20 November 2014
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