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20 November 2014 A review of Agave ellemeetiana K.Koch (Asparagaceae/Agavaceae)

A broad overview of the history, publication, author, introduction, rediscovery, distribution, habitats, typification, and relationships of Agave ellemeetiana K.Koch is given. The species was first published by K.Koch in 1865 from cultivated plants of unknown origin and was rediscovered in habitat only in the last couple of years in Central Veracruz (Sierra de Zongolica), northern Oaxaca (Sierra Mazateca and near San Bartolomé Ayautla), and in western Oaxaca (Putla/Tlaxiaco region). Plants from western Oaxaca differ consistently in their finely denticulate leaf margins and are distinguished as Agave ellemeetiana subsp. subdentata (Trelease) Thiede comb. nov. from the plants in Veracruz and northern Oaxaca with entire, smooth leaf margins (= Agave ellemeetiana subsp. ellemeetiana).

"A review of Agave ellemeetiana K.Koch (Asparagaceae/Agavaceae)," Bradleya 2014(32), 146-163, (20 November 2014).
Published: 20 November 2014
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