1 October 2015 Sansevieria burdettii (Asparagaceae/Dracaenaceae): its history, introduction and distribution, with new localities
Joachim Thiede, Pastor Theo Peter Campbell-Barker
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The history, introduction and distribution of Sansevieria burdettii in Malawi is described in detail; the species was studied or reported by Theo Peter Campbell-Barker, Richard k. Brummitt, Horst Pfennig, Bruce J. Hargreaves, Mavis Scholes, Dave Richards, and Philip E. Downs before it was finally published as new by Juan B. Chahinian in 2000. Sansevieria burdettii is documented from Malawi by collections or photographs from Nkunguni Mt., Boadzulu Island (identity uncertain), Mpatamanga Gorge, and kapichira Falls, and literature / sight records report it from near Blantyre and Senga Hills. In addition, the species was recently documented from four localities in Northeastern Mozambique.

Joachim Thiede and Pastor Theo Peter Campbell-Barker "Sansevieria burdettii (Asparagaceae/Dracaenaceae): its history, introduction and distribution, with new localities," Bradleya 2015(33), 27-33, (1 October 2015). https://doi.org/10.25223/brad.n33.2015.a5
Published: 1 October 2015
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