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1 May 2004 Obetia ficifolia (Urticaceae): a pachycaul nettle in danger
Clément Duret
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Obetia ficifolia, a little-known species of Urticaceae, is endemic to Réunion and Rodriguez Islands. Its status as a species in danger of extinction in the natural state (it is protected by French Ministry decree), amply deserved a more detailed study in the wild. The species has therefore been observed in its natural habitat and today two distinct ecotypes are recognized within the species, one from the north of the island, the second from the south, with different leaf morphologies. The geographical distribution and number of the natural populations on Réunion Island have been mapped. The largest estimate gives a total number of only 150-160 mature individuals, meriting a conservation status based on IUCN criteria of Critically Endangered (CR). O. ficifolia has also been reassessed as a monoecious species, whereas previous descriptions considered it to be dioecious.

Clément Duret "Obetia ficifolia (Urticaceae): a pachycaul nettle in danger," Bradleya 22(22), 43-52, (1 May 2004).
Published: 1 May 2004
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