1 December 2007 Taxonomy and Evolution of Species of the Genus Euchroa Brullé (Subgenus Dyschromus Chaudoir) of Central Mexico and the Island of Hispaniola (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini: Euchroina)
Henry E. Frania, George E. Ball
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Provided are a key to, and descriptions of, adults of 35 species of Dyschromus Chaudoir, which is treated as a subgenus of Euchroa Brullé. Twenty-eight species are from central Mexico; seven are from the island of Hispaniola. Twenty-five species are new (type-localities in parentheses): Euchroa independencia n. sp. (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Independencia, 5.5 km. n.n.w. Angel Feliz), Euchroa pedernales n. sp. (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Pedernales, 1 km. s. Los Arroyos), Euchroa huautla n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, Rio Santiago, 11.7 km. e. Huautla de Jiminez), Euchroa cuiyachapa n. sp. (MEXICO, Veracruz, between Cuiyachapa and Ixtapa), Euchroa zongolica n. sp. (MEXICO, Veracruz, 5 km. s.w. San Andres de Tenejapa), Euchroa lasvigas n. sp. (MEXICO, Veracruz, 15.7 km. e. Las Vigas), Euchroa teotitlan n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 24.5 km. e. Teotitlan Puerto de Soledad), Euchroa citlaltepetl n. sp. (MEXICO, Veracruz, Volcan Citlaltepetl, east slope), Euchroa perote n. sp. (MEXICO, Veracruz, 16 km. s. Las Vigas), Euchroa harrisoni n. sp. (MEXICO, Tamaulipas, 12.8 km. n.w. Gomez Farias), Euchroa soladevega n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 14.9 km. n. Sola de Vega), Euchroa juchatengo n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 32 km. s. Juchatengo), Euchroa nizavaguiti n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, n.w. of Santa Maria Nizavaguiti), Euchroa jalisco n. sp. (MEXICO, Jalisco, ca. 19.8 km. s. Tecalitlan), Euchroa tenancingo n. sp. (MEXICO, Mexico, Rio de Molino, near Valle de Bravo), Euchroa ixtapa n. sp. (MEXICO, Guerrero, crest of Sierra Madre del Sur, n.e. of Ixtapa), Euchroa atoyac n. sp. (MEXICO, Guerrero, 66.4 km. n.e. Atoyac de Alvarez), Euchroa puertogallo n. sp. (MEXICO, Guerrero, 32 km. n.w. Filo de Caballo), Euchroa filodecaballo n. sp. (MEXICO, Guerrero, 39.4 km. n.w. Filo de Caballo), Euchroa yucuyacua n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, Cerro Yucuyacua, summit e. of Nundaco), Euchroa santacatarina n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 35.5 km. s. Juchatengo), Euchroa zempoaltepetl n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 10.5 km. s. San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla), Euchroa carbonera n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 7.9 km. n.w. La Carbonera), Euchroa miahuatlan n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 27.2 km. s. Miahuatlan), and Euchroa suchixtepec n. sp. (MEXICO, Oaxaca, 41.8 km. s. Suchixtepec). Larvae are also described of E. perote, E. harrisoni, E. soladevega, Euchroa dimidiata Chaudoir, E. atoyac, and E. filodecaballo.

Species of the subgenus Dyschromus live on the ground under cover in montane forests of tropical to temperate aspect, at elevations of 900 to 3400 meters. Adults are flightless, and potentially long-lived. Adults of most species are metallic colored

Henry E. Frania and George E. Ball "Taxonomy and Evolution of Species of the Genus Euchroa Brullé (Subgenus Dyschromus Chaudoir) of Central Mexico and the Island of Hispaniola (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini: Euchroina)," Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History 2007(38), 1-125, (1 December 2007). https://doi.org/10.2992/0145-9058(2007)38[1:TAEOSO]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 December 2007

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