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1 November 2011 Revision of Leucophoropterini: Diagnoses, Key to Genera, Redescription of the Australian Fauna, and Descriptions of New Indo-Pacific Genera and Species (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)
Katrina L. Menard, Randall T. Schuh
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The Leucophoropterini (Miridae: Phylinae) is an Indo-Australian group including 23 genera and 104 species. Diagnoses are provided for all genera of Leucophoropterini. All genera and species of Australian fauna are revised and redescribed to complement earlier detailed study of Schuh for the Indo-Pacific fauna. Additional new taxa from Papua New Guinea are described and a key to the currently recognized genera is provided, as are keys to the species of Ausejanus, n. gen., and Blesingia Carvalho and Gross. Previously described genera include: Abuyogocoris Schuh (4 species), Aitkenia Carvalho and Gross (2 species, 1 described as new), Arafuramiris Schuh (7 species, 3 described as new), Biromiris Schuh (6 species, 3 described as new), Blesingia Carvalho and Gross (7 species, 5 as new combinations), Collessicoris Carvalho and Gross (1 species), Ctypomiris Schuh (3 species, 1 described as new), Gulacapsus Schuh (4 species, 1 described as new), Leucophoroptera Poppius (5 species, 2 described as new), Papuamimus Schuh (2 species), Pseudohallodapocoris Schuh (3 species), Sejanus Distant (29 species), Solomonomimus Schuh (1 species), Trichocephalocapsus Schuh (2 species), and Waterhouseana Carvalho (2 species, 1 described as new) are revised. New genera include: Ausejanus (18 species, 7 described as new and 11 as new combinations), Austrodapus (1 species, described as new), Johnstonsonius (1 species, described as new), Missanos (1 species, described as new), Neaitkenia (2 species, new combinations), Neoleucophoroptera (2 species, new combinations), Papuamiroides (1 species, described as new), and Transleucophoroptera (1 species, new combination). Pseudoleucophoroptera Schuh is synonymized with Blesingia Carvalho and Gross. The following species synonymies are created (junior synonyms first): Sejanus brunneus Carvalho and Gross  =  Ausejanus tasmaniae (Carvalho and Gross), Sejanus intermedius Carvalho and Gross  =  Ausejanus albisignatus (Knight), Sejanus melaleucae Carvalho and Gross  =  Ausejanus mcdonaldi (Carvalho and Gross), Sejanus rosei Carvalho and Gross  =  Sejanus palumae Carvalho and Gross, and Leucophoroptera nitidior Carvalho and Gross  =  Blesingia elegans Carvalho and Gross  =  Blesingia latezonata Carvalho and Gross  =  Leucophoroptera quadrimaculata Poppius. The genera Dilatops Weirauch, Karoocapsus Schuh, Lasiolabops Poppius, Myrmicopsella Poppius, Porophoroptera Carvalho and Gross,

Katrina L. Menard and Randall T. Schuh "Revision of Leucophoropterini: Diagnoses, Key to Genera, Redescription of the Australian Fauna, and Descriptions of New Indo-Pacific Genera and Species (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)," Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2011(361), 1-159, (1 November 2011).
Published: 1 November 2011

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