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7 October 2019 Redescription and Molecular Characterization of Placobdella pediculata Hemingway, 1908 (Hirudinida: Glossiphoniidae)
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Placobdella pediculataHemingway, 1908 was originally described from individuals that were attached to Aplodinotus grunniens (freshwater drum) in Lake Pepin, Minnesota, USA. Apparently, no type material was deposited. The acquisition of contemporary specimens from its type host in the type locality facilitated redescription of P. pediculata. Placobdella pediculata is different from its congeners in that its caudal sucker is extended from the body by a pedicel (peduncle), bears digitate processes near the rim of the caudal sucker, a smooth body surface, and its anal placement (few annuli anteriad of the caudal sucker). Molecular comparison of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I sequence data from P. pediculata revealed differences of 13.8% to 17.4% among congeners. Placobdella pediculata is a distinct species.

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William E. Moser, Dennis J. Richardson, Nicholas J. Schlesser, Charlotte I. Hammond, and Eric A. Lazo-Wasem "Redescription and Molecular Characterization of Placobdella pediculata Hemingway, 1908 (Hirudinida: Glossiphoniidae)," Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 60(2), 121-127, (7 October 2019).
Received: 21 April 2019; Accepted: 22 May 2019; Published: 7 October 2019

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