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4 March 2014 A New Species of Opuntia (Cactaceae) from Mojave Co, Arizona
A. Dean Stock, Nancy Hussey, Marc D. Beckstrom
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Opuntia diploursina A.D. Stock, N. Hussey & M.D. Beckstrom, sp. nov. is described as a new species of diploid, dry-fruited, prickly pear from the Grapevine Mesa region in south central Mohave Co., Arizona. It grows on alluvial gravel covered soil associated with Larrea tridentata (DC.) Coville, Yucca brevifolia Engelm. var.jaegeriana McKelvey and Yucca schidigera Roezel ex Ortigies. Opuntia diploursina is most closely related to tetraploid Opuntia erinacea Engelm. & J.M. Bigelow, but differs in spine characteristics, larger fruit and seeds and diploid chromosome number.

A. Dean Stock, Nancy Hussey, and Marc D. Beckstrom "A New Species of Opuntia (Cactaceae) from Mojave Co, Arizona," Cactus and Succulent Journal 86(2), 79-83, (4 March 2014).
Published: 4 March 2014
dry-fruited prickly pear
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