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1 December 2012 Blindness in Smoky Joe roosters results in advanced sexual maturation
Jennifer Perttula, Grégoy Y. Bédécarrats
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Perttula, J. and Bédécarrats, G. Y. 2012. Blindness in Smoky Joe roosters results in advanced sexual maturation. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 92: 483-491. In chickens, an increase in photoperiod activates the hypothalamo-pituitary gonadal axis resulting in sexual maturation. Although it is well established that light can directly stimulate the hypothalamus, the relative contribution of the eye in the control of reproduction is still controversial. Using a genetically blind line of chickens (Smoky Joe), we investigated the relative importance of the retina of the eye in sexual maturation in roosters. Furthermore, to evaluate the effect of photostimulation, three generations of blind and sighted Smoky Joe roosters were utilize. Generation 1 (G1) was photostimulated at 17 wk of age, while generation 2 (G2) was left un-photostimulated and generation 3 (G3) was photostimulated at 12 wk of age. Blind roosters in G1 and G2 matured between 17 and 19 wk of age (testicular weight, comb length) independently of photostimulation whereas maturation of sighted animals was significantly delayed in G2. However, this advanced sexual maturation was no longer evident when birds were stimulated at 12 wk of age. Blind roosters in G2 showed advanced spermatogenesis when compared with sighted animals. No significant difference in plasma testosterone levels was observed for any of the three generations. In conclusion, although still photosensitive, blind rooster sexually matured spontaneously earlier than their sighted counterpart.

Jennifer Perttula and Grégoy Y. Bédécarrats "Blindness in Smoky Joe roosters results in advanced sexual maturation," Canadian Journal of Animal Science 92(4), 483-491, (1 December 2012).
Received: 7 May 2012; Accepted: 1 August 2012; Published: 1 December 2012

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