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7 April 2021 Comparative study of hexanal dip and electrospun nanofiber mediated vapour treatments on enhancing the shelf life of pears
Syndhiya Ranjan, Gopinadhan Paliyath, Loong-Tak Lim, Jayasankar Subramanian
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Hexanal slows down the ripening process in fresh produce by inhibiting the activity of phospholipase D, thereby increasing shelf life. This study focused on comparing the single time exposure and continuous exposure of post-harvest Anjou and Bartlett pears to hexanal by dipping or fumigating them to enhance their shelf life. Continuous exposure of hexanal was achieved by developing a hexanal encapsulated fiber (HEF), which releases hexanal vapor due to the increased humidity (96 ± 2% RH) in the container headspace as a result of respiration. The fruits were stored in cold storage (0 ± 2 °C) as well as at normal room temperature (20 ± 2 °C) and their storage capacity was compared between the treatments. Fruit parameters such as physiological loss of weight (PLW), firmness, and total soluble solids (TSS) showed only minor differences between hexanal treated and untreated fruits. Between the two varieties, Anjou exhibited slightly higher values than Bartlett. However, when the fruits are visually evaluated, the main aspect of consumer preference, HEF-treated fruits had a better appeal in both varieties and in both conditions. Bartlett responded better than Anjou even in cold storage conditions, suggesting that there are varietal differences in their response to hexanal. Both hexanal treatments helped color retention and reduced fungal infection under the storage conditions tested.

Syndhiya Ranjan, Gopinadhan Paliyath, Loong-Tak Lim, and Jayasankar Subramanian "Comparative study of hexanal dip and electrospun nanofiber mediated vapour treatments on enhancing the shelf life of pears," Canadian Journal of Plant Science 101(6), 1029-1040, (7 April 2021).
Received: 21 November 2020; Accepted: 23 February 2021; Published: 7 April 2021

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