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7 July 2015 Pintail general purpose winter wheat
D. F. Salmon, J. H. Helm, R. J. Graf, S. Albers, M. Aljarrah, K. Xi, M. Oro, S. Lohr, C. Bergen
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Salmon, D. F., Helm, J. H., Graf, R. J., Albers, S., Aljarrah, M., Xi, K., Oro, M., Lohr, S. and Bergen, C. 2015. Pintail general purpose winter wheat. Can. J. Plant Sci. 95: 1271-1276. Pintail is an awnless hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar that was registered in 2012 and is eligible for grades of Canada Western General Purpose (CWGP) wheat. It was developed using wheat × maize-pollen doubled haploid techniques. Evaluated across western Canada from 2008 to 2010 relative to CDC Harrier, CDC Falcon and CDC Ptarmigan, Pintail expressed grain yield ranging from 98.6 to 105.8% of these CWGP wheat checks. Its area of greatest adaptation was in the parkland and semi-arid prairie regions of Alberta and western Saskatchewan, where cold tolerance is a primary concern. Pintail exhibited excellent winter survival, intermediate maturity, medium height and strong straw. Test weight was within the range of the checks, and kernel weight was lower than all of the checks. Pintail displayed moderate resistance to stripe rust, moderate susceptibility to stem and leaf rust, and susceptibility to common bunt and Fusarium head blight. The high yield and awnless spike of Pintail should make it particularly attractive in various livestock feed and forage applications.

D. F. Salmon, J. H. Helm, R. J. Graf, S. Albers, M. Aljarrah, K. Xi, M. Oro, S. Lohr, and C. Bergen "Pintail general purpose winter wheat," Canadian Journal of Plant Science 95(6), 1271-1276, (7 July 2015).
Received: 16 May 2015; Accepted: 1 June 2015; Published: 7 July 2015

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blé (d'hiver)
cold hardiness
Cultivar description
description de cultivar
doubled haploid
grain yield
haploïde double
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