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18 August 2020 Influence of feedlot manure amendments on dissolved organic carbon in runoff during transition from continuous to legacy applications
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Little research has compared land application of stockpiled (SM) or composted (CM) beef feedlot manure with straw (ST) or wood-chip (WD) bedding on loss of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in runoff. We conducted a 6 yr (2013–2018) rainfall simulation-runoff study and utilized surface (0–5 cm) soil collected from a long-term (since 1998) field experiment on a clay loam soil in southern Alberta, Canada. The treatments consisted of SM or CM with ST or WD bedding applied at 13, 39, and 77 Mg·ha−1 (dry weight), as well as an unamended control and mineral fertilizer treatment. Surface soil was collected from all treatments after 15–17 (C15, C16, and C17; 2013–2015) continual annual applications and then after one to three legacy years (L1–L3, 2016–2018) after manure applications were first discontinued in 2015. The soil was packed into runoff trays, and flow-weighted mean concentrations (FWMCs) and mass loads of DOC in runoff water were determined during rainfall simulations. Mean DOC losses were generally significantly (P ≤ 0.05) lower for CM with ST bedding compared with the other manure type – bedding treatments in certain years and were consistent with this amendment having the lowest total carbon (C) content. The total C content of the amendments explained 92% of the variation in DOC concentration. Termination of long-term manure applications reduced FWMCs by 85%–91% and mass loss by 76%–89% from the C17 to L3 year. Therefore, our findings suggested that composting manure with ST or discontinued long-term manure application may reduce DOC loss in runoff.

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J.J. Miller, B.W. Beasley, M.L. Owen, X. Hao, C.F. Drury, and D.S. Chanasyk "Influence of feedlot manure amendments on dissolved organic carbon in runoff during transition from continuous to legacy applications," Canadian Journal of Soil Science 100(4), 440-452, (18 August 2020).
Received: 4 December 2019; Accepted: 5 August 2020; Published: 18 August 2020

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