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1 December 2010 Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 1–5

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON &; L. GAUTIER (ed.) (2010). Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 1–5. Candollea 65: 359–376. In English, English and French abstracts.

Ongoing research on Madagascar's flora is revealing numerous taxonomic novelties and nomenclatural inconsistencies, and providing new data on species distribution. This is the first article in a series that aims to provide the botanical community working on the flora of Madagascar an opportunity to publish short communications on these topics. — Note 1. Dealing with Indigofera nivea (Leguminosae) — a new name for Madagascar and a new combination for Africa, by Martin W. Callmander, Jean-Noël Labat & Brian D. Schrire. The authors resolve the application of “Indigofera nivea”. Indigofera nivea Spreng. is a valid name for an African species now referred to the genus Indigastrum Jaub. & Spach, for which a new combination, Indigastrum niveum (Spreng.) Schrire & Callm., is published. The illegitimate later homonym by Viguier refers to a species endemic to Madagascar, for which a new name, Indigofera viguieri Callm. & Labat, is published. — Note 2. Distribution of Cyperus chamaecephalus Cherm., a forest undergrowth species with inconspicuous inflorescences, by Laurent Gautier, Louis Nusbaumer, Isabel Larridon & Martin W. Callmander. The distribution of Cyperus chamaecephalus Cherm., a frequently overlooked forest undergrowth species with inconspicuous inflorescences, has been very poorly documented. The authors report several recent discoveries which permit a more complete understanding of its geographical distribution in Madagascar's lowland and mountain rainforests. — Note 3. The genus Korthalsella (Santalaceae) in Madagascar, by Martin W. Callmander, Peter B. Phillipson, Roy E. Gereau, Gérard Aymonin & Amir Sultan. The authors present a review of the genus Korthalsella Tiegh. (Santalaceae) for Madagascar. The identity of Korthalsella taenioides (Juss.) Engl., consistently confused by previous authors, is discussed in detail. Three other species known to occur in Madagascar are enumerated: Korthalsella gaudichaudii (Tiegh.) Lecomte, Korthalsella madagascarica Danser and Korthalsella japonica (Thunb.) Engl. — Note 4. Forsyth-Major 348: four collections, two names, all referring to Mimulopsis madagascariensis (Acanthaceae), by Laurent Gautier & Martin W. Callmander. Among Forsyth-Major's botanical collections, an individual collection number often comprises a set of specimens representing different gatherings. The authors clarify one of these collection sets: Forsyth-Major 348, on which the names Strobilanthes isoglossoides Lindau and Mimulopsis forsythii S. Moore are based, unambiguously designating type material. Both taxa are placed in synonymy under Mimulopsis madagascariensis (Baker) Benoist. — Note 5. The genus Brackenridgea A. Gray (Ochnaceae) in Madagascar, by Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki & Peter B. Phillipson. The two Malagasy species described in Pleuroridgea Tiegh. (Ochnaceae) are lectotypified and formally transferred to Brackenridgea A. Gray. The needed combinations: Brackenridgea madecassa (H. Perrier) Callm. and Brackenridgea tetramera (H. Perrier) Callm. are provided. Conservation status assessments for the two species are also provided.

"Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 1–5," Candollea 65(2), 359-362, (1 December 2010).
Published: 1 December 2010

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