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1 December 2012 Notulae ad Floram Paraquaiensem, 113–115

Ramella, L. & P. Perret (ed.) (2012). Notulae ad Floram paraquaiensem, 113–115. Candollea 67: 347–368. In Spanish, French and English abstracts.

Thirty-eighth installment of a series dedicated to the presentation of taxonomic, nomenclatural or floristic novelties in relation with the project “Flora del Paraguay” as well as complements to already published treatments. Organizational information and accounts on the advancement of the Flora are sometimes added by the editors. — Notula 113. The collections of Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795–1832) in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. III. Typification of the names based on the Renggers' herbaria, by Lorenzo Ramella & Patrick Perret. The authors present the typification of 22 names whose type material was collected by J. R. Rengger and other collectors. To do this, they present an analysis of the geographical origin of the Renggers' collections and conclude that the majority of these were collected in Bahia (Brazil) and not Paraguay. For each name, the authors discuss the origin of the specimens and indicate the collections in which they are kept. The Rengger's type material consists of 31 specimens housed in the herbaria of P (21), US (7) and ZT (3). The types of 17 names (15 holotypes and 2 lectotypes) are based on Renggers' collections and 5 on material of other collectors. Among the Renggers' collections, the types of 9 names have been collected in Brazil, the presence of these taxa in Paraguay requiring further confirmation. The origin of 8 other types have yet to be determined as well as the presence in Paraguay of the corresponding names. 4 lectotypes are designated for the following names: Fuirena haemaglottis Steud. (Cyperaceae), Panicum equinum Steud. (Gramineae), Pavonia sepium var. balansae Gürke (Malvaceae) and Nymphaea nervosa Lehm. (Nymphaeaceae). Finally, the authors confirm the presence in Paraguay of Cuphea pterosperma Koehne and Pavonia sepium var. balansae Gürke, but they exclude of the flora of Paraguay Nymphaea nervosa Lehm., Panicum cordifolium Steud. non Desv. and Panicum renggeri Steud. Notula 114. Ceiba samauma (Mart.) K. Schum. (Bombacaceae), a new record for the flora of Paraguay, by Juana De Egea, María Fátima Mereles & Gloria R. Céspedes. Ceiba samauma (Mart.) K. Schum. (Bombacaceae) is mentioned for the first time for the flora of Paraguay. Ecological observations, descriptions and images of diagnostic characters are included, as well as a key for the identification of Ceiba Mill. species existing in Paraguay. Notula 115. New combinations in the genus Euploca Nutt. (Boraginaceae) in Paraguay, by Rosa Degen Naumann & José Iranildo Miranda de Melo. The authors present 4 new combinations in the genus Euploca Nutt.: Euploca cerroleonensis (R. Degen) R. Degen, Euploca distantiflora (I. M. Johnst.) J. I. M. Melo & R. Degen, Euploca dunaensis (R. Degen) R. Degen and Euploca margaritensis (I. M. Johnst.) J. I. M. Melo & R. Degen.

"Notulae ad Floram Paraquaiensem, 113–115," Candollea 67(2), 347-348, (1 December 2012).
Published: 1 December 2012

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