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1 July 2013 Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 27–29

Callmander, M. W., P. B. Phillipson, T. Deroin & L. Gautier (ed.) (2013). Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 27–29. Candollea 68: 61–71. In English, English and French abstracts.

Ongoing research on Madagascar's flora is revealing numerous taxonomic novelties and nomenclatural inconsistencies, and providing new data on species distribution. This is the sixth set of notes in a series that aims to provide the botanical community working on the flora of Madagascar an opportunity to publish short communications on these topics. This issue comprises three notes.

Note 27. An earlier name for Lindernia andringitrae Eb. Fischer (Linderniaceae), by Mats Thulin. Lindernia andringitrae Eb. Fischer was published in 1995 as a new name for Craterostigma cerastioides Bonati (non Lindernia cerastioides T. Yamaz.). However, the synonym Craterostigma perrieri Bonati provides an earlier epithet and the new combination: Lindernia perrieri (Bonati) Thulin is therefore proposed. An update of the distribution of this narrow endemic of the Andringitra Massif is also provided.

Note 28. An earlier name for Nesaea pubescens Koehne (Lythraceae), by Paul E. Berry & Hans-Joachim Esser. While attempting to account for all Euphorbia L. names published from Madagascar, the authors re-examined type material of Euphorbia hildebrandtii Baill. and determined that it was conspecific with Nesaea pubescens Koehne, in Lythraceae. Since Baillon's name has priority, it requires a new combination under Nesaea Kunth, namely Nesaea hildebrandtii (Baill.) P. E. Berry.

Note 29. A clarification of B.C. Seeman's Malagasy species of Colea Meisn. (Bignoniaceae), by Peter B. Phillipson & Martin W. Callmander. Berthold Carl Seeman described two species of Colea Meisn. from Madagascar based on multiple collections including a mixed gathering made by Louis-Hyacinthe Boivin comprising species belonging to different families. In this note, the authors resolve the typification and the identity of the corresponding type material of Colea purpurescens Seem. and Colea hispidissima Seem. Flowers of Colea hispidissima Seem. pertain to the genus Vitex L. (Lamiaceae) and the authors therefore formally designate this as the lectotype, and they also chose an epitype for this species and establish the necessary new combination Vitex hispidissima (Seem.) Callm. & Phillipson.

"Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 27–29," Candollea 68(1), 61-62, (1 July 2013).
Published: 1 July 2013

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