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1 June 2016 A new Pararistolochia Hutch. & Dalziel (Aristolochiaceae) from the Beanka Tsingy (western Madagascar)
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Luino I., M.W. Callmander, O. Poncy, S. Da-Giau & L. Gautier (2016). A new Pararistolochia Hutch. & Dalziel (Aristolochiaceae) from the Beanka tsingy (western Madagascar). Candollea 71 : 135–141. In English, English and French abstracts. DOI :  http ://

Pararistolochia Hutc. & Dalziel (Aristolochiaceae) is a genus that comprised about 35 species known until present from continental Africa and Australasia. Two recent inventories carried in the limestone massif of Beanka in western Madagascar have led to the detection of a new species that we describe here as Pararistolochia enricoi Luino, L. Gaut. & Callm. This impressive liana is until today the only malagasy representative of the genus. The deciduous habit, together with the two-lobed perianth and the presence of trichomes covering most parts of the plant are exclusive characters that clearly distinguish Pararistolochia enricoi within the genus. The new species is provided with a preliminary risk assessment of its conservation status based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

Iacopo Luino, Martin W. Callmander, Odile Poncy, Simona Da-Giau, and Laurent Gautier "A new Pararistolochia Hutch. & Dalziel (Aristolochiaceae) from the Beanka Tsingy (western Madagascar)," Candollea 71(1), 135-141, (1 June 2016).
Published: 1 June 2016

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