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1 December 2007 Distributional Comments on the Teiid Lizards (Squamata: Teiidae) of Florida with a Key to Species
Catherine A. Smith, Kenneth L. Krysko
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Florida presently has a large number (44) of established non-native amphibians and reptiles, 36 of which are lizards. There are currently one native and four non-native teiid lizards in Florida, and difficulty arises when trying to distinguish them from other similar species, especially in small individuals and/or deteriorated or faded preserved specimens. Because of the potential for their misidentifications in both the field and laboratory, we present a key to the established teiid species in Florida along with their current geographic distributions.

Copyright 2007 College of Arts and Sciences University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Catherine A. Smith and Kenneth L. Krysko "Distributional Comments on the Teiid Lizards (Squamata: Teiidae) of Florida with a Key to Species," Caribbean Journal of Science 43(2), 260-265, (1 December 2007).
Received: 11 November 2006; Accepted: 17 April 2007; Published: 1 December 2007
Ameiva ameiva
Aspidoscelis motaguae
Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus
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