1 July 2000 GroEL binds a late folding intermediate of phage P22 coat protein
Mitchel D. de Beus, Shannon M. Doyle, Carolyn M. Teschke
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GroEL recognizes proteins that are folding improperly or that have aggregation-prone intermediates. Here we have used as substrates for GroEL, wildtype (WT) coat protein of phage P22 and 3 coat proteins that carry single amino acid substitutions leading to a temperature-sensitive folding (tsf) phenotype. In vivo, WT coat protein does not require GroEL for proper folding, whereas GroEL is necessary for the folding of the tsf coat proteins; thus, the single amino acid substitutions cause coat protein to become a substrate for GroEL. The conformation of WT and tsf coat proteins when in a binary complex with GroEL was investigated using tryptophan fluorescence, quenching of fluorescence, and accessibility of the coat proteins to proteolysis. WT coat protein and the tsf coat protein mutants were each found to be in a different conformation when bound to GroEL. As an additional measure of the changes in the bound conformation, the affinity of binding of WT and tsf coat proteins to GroEL was determined using a fluorescence binding assay. The tsf coat proteins were bound more tightly by GroEL than WT coat protein. Therefore, even though the proteins are identical except for a single amino acid substitution, GroEL did not bind these substrate polypeptides in the same conformation within its central cavity. Therefore, GroEL is likely to bind coat protein in a conformation consistent with a late folding intermediate, with substantial secondary and tertiary structure formed.

Mitchel D. de Beus, Shannon M. Doyle, and Carolyn M. Teschke "GroEL binds a late folding intermediate of phage P22 coat protein," Cell Stress & Chaperones 5(3), 163-172, (1 July 2000). https://doi.org/10.1379/1466-1268(2000)005<0163:GBALFI>2.0.CO;2
Received: 14 December 1999; Accepted: 1 January 2000; Published: 1 July 2000

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